EXCLUSIVE Lead Generation

Leads are the life blood of ANY business, and we can help you generate exclusive leads for your business ASAP!

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As a contractor, you need a consistent flow of leads coming in, or else you can have a LOT of down time…There are thousands of people who are looking for a contractor like you every day. You know they’re out there, and so you try to get your business in front of them using outdated methods.The solution is: Us. We are hundreds of customers, and we do just what our name says – we get your business in front of hundreds of people, and get them to phone you up. We track and measure all of our activity, so that we can show you what we’ve done.

Look at the HVAC fellow – our methods generated him 82 calls in one month – and I have it on good authority that that was a $40k month!
Of course, results shown may be different from what you get, because every area is different – However, they probably won’t be that different.  In fact, We can usually get your phone ringing QUICKLY, often within 24 to 48 hours of hiring us.

AND, you ONLY pay for the actual leads we generate – calls under 40 seconds don’t count! Which means you only pay when we perform, so you have nothing to lose. If your call volume is lower, all that means is that you pay less!
But what really separates us from some of the other lead generation companies out there is that we give you EXCLUSIVE LEADS!
See, with other companies, like Homeadvisor (now ServiceMagic) and Felix, they sell the same lead to multiple contractors at the same time.

That’s great for them, but bad for you:  It get’s contractors bidding against each other, and it means that the number of contracts you’ll actually win is far fewer than the number of leads they deliver.

Worse still, most of these lead generation companies just email you the leads, which can often times sit un-answered for hours (even days). The longer it takes a lead to get a response, the less likely they are to buy, on average.
Worse still, When you finally do get around to calling them, often they either are tired of being called by contractors, or else they forgot that they ever even requested help. That’s just the way it goes with these lead generation companies…
But With Hundreds of Customers, WE’re different. We dont jsut email you leads – no, we get these leads to pick up the phone and call you. And when they call, they call ONLY you, and nobody else – Which means no bidding wars between multiple contractors, And more no irate customers!


And get this: bigger lead gen sites that sell these leads to 3 to 6 contractors charge MORE than we do for their non-exclusive leads!

If you’re interested in partnering with us, then get in touch by filling out our DISCOVERY FORM.

FAQ about Contractor Lead Generation

Q: I am too busy with my current work load, why should I consider you guys?
A: With Hundreds of Customers, leads you can choose projects that are more profitable for your company and targeted closer to your home or office.
We don’t just offer you *more* work but rather, we give you enough leads that you can choose the more profitable work.

Q: Why should I pay for leads when I currently get most of my work by word-of-mouth?
A: Word-of-mouth is great, but many times it is unreliable and you end up doing projects that are not the most profitable for your company. Or, you have to travel great distances between jobs. With Hundreds of Customers, you can get a steady flow of leads and take the jobs that are profitable for your company and close to your home or office.

Q: How do you find me customers?
A: Woody Allen once said that 80% of life is just showing up. Well 80% of lead generation is knowing where people are searching, and how to get in front of them and how to get their attention.

Q: Do I pay even if I don’t get the job?
A: Yes. However, while We do charge on a per-lead basis, regardless of outcome, we take the steps to insure that this will be the best marketing expense in your business. First, we price our leads in such a way that even with a low conversion ratio, we’ll be will be your lowest cost of advertising. Depending on the job type, most of our contractors close 20 to 50% of all qualified calls. But, remember these are EXCLUSIVE leads, so you’re not going to get into bidding wars and fight with 5 other contractors for the job. If you close only one out of every ten, the return on investment is huge.

Example: A kitchen Contractor may pay around $40/lead, So he’d pay $400 to get 10 leads. Which are, again, real, exclusive, interested, and calling HIM.
Now, If he closes ONLY 1 remodel job, which can range from 8k to 20k+…
Say, this one is on the low end -worth $12,000, then he’s netted $11,600, or got an incredible 2900% ROI! And if he closes more than one in ten…well…


Q: What qualifications must a contractor have to work with you? There are three things we’re looking for in a business partner.

A: All contractors and service professional must be licensed according to the laws in their state and must carry general liability insurance. We also expect you to be able to answer to answer the phone. Our system tracks every call we generate, whether it’s answered or not, And we reserve the right to monitor or record all calls (and this is announced to the callers), so that we can ensure the best service for the end users. (There is no shortage of contractors who need what we’re offering 😉

Q: What Kinds of contractors do you service?
A: We service all kinds of contractors, but we specialize in :
Roofers, HVAC, Plumbers, Remodelers, HandyMen, Mechanics, Painters, Cabinet installers, Window Installers, and more.
We also work well with other fields, like Attorneys specializing in Bankruptcy and Divorce, as well as loan and mortgage modification. Even Independent Car Dealers!

If you’re interested in partnering with us, then get in touch by filling out our DISCOVERY FORM.