At Hundreds of Customers, we offer services that outperform what larger companies offer, while at the same time keeping the costs reasonable.  We can take an average business that provides good service and turn you into a 5-star, front-page rock-star, help you launch a product online, and become the most indispensable partner of your business.

Our services include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some real If you owned an ice cream stand, where would you rather be located: A city of 5,000 people in Alaska, or in Times Square on a hot August day?  This is a “no-brainer.”

In the first location, you’d have a hard time making ends meet, but in the latter, you’d have an endless flood of buyers beating down the door because they want what you have.

In business, you want to be where the traffic is.  Offline, that’s your physical location, in which case you speak to a realtor or real estate agent about getting set up in a mall or other location of physical traffic.

Online, however, is a completely different game.  In the online world, we are your Digital Real Estate Agent.  We can take your proverbial ice cream cart and move you from the equivalent of Homer, Alaska, to the busiest intersections around.  And that can take your business and make it explode.

If you’re ready to take your business to page one, then it’s time to fill out our discovery form.

Reputation Marketing

If you chipped a tooth and you needed an emergency dentist, what would you do?  You’d Google and find a dentist.  And you’d find the guys on page one and probably go no further – but that’s not the end of the story.  Consider these three dentists:

  1. Dr. Smith ★★★★★ (75 Reviews)  “Dr. Smith was OUTSTANDING, and his staff is AMAZING…”
  2. Dr. Jones ★★★ (12 Reviews) “I liked Dr. Jones, but I did have a problem with…”
  3. Dr. Brown (0 Reviews) — “…”

Even if your best friend said “Dr. Jones is the best,” would you think twice before visiting Dr. Jones?  Of course you would!

Here’s a real life example.  I literally just googled a random city and the term “HVAC,” and this is what pulled up.  If your heater or AC went out, and it was an emergency, who would you call?

hvac example

Obviously, the first guy is going to get most of the calls, because he’s got social proof.  We can put into place a system that helps you get customers to leave you glowing reviews on auto-pilot.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then it’s time to fill out our discovery form.

AMAZON Product Marketing

We can help you get a product to market and make it sell!

Amazon has changed the way we work.  The giant is the largest B2C commercial website in the world, operating across the globe, with millions of daily users who have their credit cards on file and are ready to purchase at the push of a button.

Getting your product on the store shelves of a big-box store like Walmart used to be the ultimate goal. It took a lot of time, a lot of research, a lot of money, and good connections to make it happen.  And once it did happen, you had to sell it at whatever price The Big-Box store decided to sell it.

Amazon has completely changed the game, allowing average everyday folk who are not masters of capital with millions of dollars of inventory and revenue to pony up to the bar and compete against multi-billion-dollar corporations.

Unfortunately, with a leveled playing field comes a large entourage of players. Today, getting your product found in Amazon can be an equally daunting task.  If you are not successful in getting your product noticed, it will languish somewhere on page 17 and never generate any Revenue. However, if you get to the top of page 1 and get your product viewed by millions of people, it can mean a massive windfall in your favor. Here are some examples of the kinds of sales our partners and peers are generating on Amazon today:

There are dozens of other screenshots taken from the seller’s Central section of Amazon that we could share with you. But these are enough hopefully to paint a picture of the possibility which lies before you. Naturally, we cannot guarantee any kind of result, as there are a lot of factors that go into ranking and doing well on Amazon, many of which are completely outside of our control, including the quality of your product and packaging and other issues that could affect customer experience like shipping and damaged goods Etc.

To that end, we are careful about which businesses we decided to partner with and which products we decide to represent. If we decide to work with you and your company and product, it means we see potential in your product as a long-term investment of our time.  because we want this to work out in everybody’s best interest, our preferred method of working together as a partnership whereby we retain 25% of all net profits from Amazon sales, rather than being paid our monthly consultation fee. The very nature of Amazon and Amazon products is somewhat prohibitive towards short term business Arrangements. Rest assured, if we decide to work with you, we’re in it for the Long Haul.

To learn more, download our Amazon Partnership Guidelines, or fill out our Discover Form.

Other Marketing Services

The above services are our “Bread and Butter” and there are few agencies who can out-perform us.  But we are a full-service agency, and we offer a number of other services.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is vastly superior to most other forms of paid advertisement, like TV, Radio, Billboards, YellowPages, etc, fi for no other reason than you can adjust it on the fly.  With traditional media, you have to give it your best shot and hope it converts – but with PPC you can adjust things as you go to continually improve how your campaigns run.

Our pay-per-click division is Adwords Certified and completely on top of all the changes in the PPC arena.  We are also fully trained in Facebook ads and have many unique services that few other companies can or do offer.

Social Media Marketing: Social media is important, and only going to become more important as time goes on.  Customers expect you to have a presence, and if you haven’t posted in the last 6 days (or 6 months!), you look dead.  We can help fill the gaps, and keep your customers engaged on sites like Facebook and Twitter, so that they’re ready to listen when you have something to say or share.

Video Marketing: 70% of consumers expect you to have video, and having a video on your landing page is a great way to increase “stick” rate and lower “bounce” rate.  We have the ability to create just about any kind of video you can imagine.

Website Creation:  If your website is slow, ugly, and not mobile responsive, Google does NOT want to show you in the search engine results.  We can fix that, with a CUSTOM BUILT website built on the highly versatile WordPress Theme.